There are 2 ways to access forms to annotate on them:

  1. From the appointment preview > Select the form you want to annotate within the preview forms section

2. From the appointment preview > Select the edit (pencil) icon

From the Forms tab > select the edit icon on the Form you want to annotate on


Once in the Form there are plenty of ways to annotate within

  • Here is an example of a Form with 3 pre-added facial images (left, right, centre). Some navigation pointers are below:

  1. The image selected will appear larger and with annotation capabilities

  2. Select another image from the gallery to annotate on it below

  3. Select another image from the gallery to annotate on it below

  4. Add any overall notes to the image within this text box

  5. Various annotations tools (will go over more below)

Annotating Tools

  1. Zoom in to the image

  2. Zoom out of the image

  3. Use the pointer on the image to select or highlight the annotations you've added

  4. Hide the annotations you've added

  5. Select the pin color you'd like to add to annotate with

Annotating Tools (Cont'd)

  1. Free flow drawing image tool

  2. Select the size of the drawing tool you'd like to use

  3. Select the drawing color you'd like to use

  4. Erase a selected pin or drawing from the image

  5. Undo the last annotation

  6. Redo the last annotation

Recording Annotations

  • Add either a pin or drawing onto the image > Notes will present on the right hand side of the page to make notes about the specific pins or drawings

  • To change the name of the pin or drawing select the edit button

  • When you're finished editing the name of the pin/drawing > Select the check-mark to save the name

  • Once you're finished adding in your pins and drawings > Save/submit the form at the bottom and the annotated form will be save within the client record as well as the appointment record

Congratulations! Now you know the basics of the Forms annotations

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