To Submit a form, follow the steps below:

Forms can either be saved as a Draft of Submitted to associated to that client/appointment

Form Statuses

Forms can have one of the following Statuses which we will go over in more detail:

  • Pending

  • Draft

  • Completed

  • Locked

A Pending form is one that has yet to be completed by either the client or the provider. Pending Forms can be completed through either the form submission by the provider or kiosk mode by the client. A pending form can be saved as a draft, submitted as complete or deleted.

A Form with a Draft status is one that has been partially completed but not submitted. Either the client or the provider has not marked the form as complete and has saved the form as a Draft. A draft status form can be submitted as complete, or deleted.

A Completed has either been filled out in its entirety by the client or the provider and has been submitted to that client or appointments record. A completed form can either be set to a Locked status or deleted.

A Locked form is one that has been completed by the client or provider and submitted with a complete status > and either manual by the provider or an automated function in the form settings has locked this form to not allow any changes to the data in the form. When a form is locked, only comments can be made to the form.

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode is a function for having clients fill out a form on a shared business device such as a tablet or computer screen but only giving them access to that form. In kiosk mode, clients can only access fields in the form that are set to be external client facing and when are completed, cannot access back into Yocale without a password.
Once the password is entered, the provider can resume using Yocale as usual.

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