We are excited to launch our new Yocale Forms 2.0! 

There are a lot of big improvement from our previous Forms technology which we will get into in a couple different articles. Let's start with an overview of Forms and its uses. NEW! For complimentary Form enhancements, click the link.

Forms can be used to create any kind of information gathering from new or existing clients, before or after their appointment.

Some of the common Forms types created by businesses are:

  • SOAP Notes 

  • Session/treatment notes 

  • Charting 

  • Intake forms 

  • Consent forms 

  • Questionnaires 

  • Post appointment follow ups 

  • Surveys etc.

Here is an example of a Treatment Form:

Setting up Forms and associating Forms to services

To build your forms and associate your forms to services follow our guide here
Guide to creating Forms


There are multiple ways of accessing Forms which we will go over here:

  • Calendar

To access a form from the calendar you can follow the steps below:

  • click on the appointment of the form you want to open, you will see that the associated Forms will show up in the Forms area of the appointment preview

  • Selecting one of the Forms in the appointment preview will open the preview of the form in the calendar window where you can perform actions such as:

  •  view, edit, download, fill out in kiosk mode, duplicate the form, share the form, lock the form, remove the form, send a reminder to the client to complete the form and more!

  • Expanded Appointment Window

To access the Forms in the expanded appointment window, select the appointment you want to manage the Forms for > select the pencil edit icon on the top of the appointment window

In the expanded appointment window navigate to the Forms section on the left side of the navigation.

Here you will see the forms associated to this client for this appointment.

  • Here you can perform similar actions including viewing and editing right in the appointment window

  • Client Record

From the client record navigate to the tab on the left navigation titled Forms & Documents 

Here you can see all of the Forms for this client and you can perform action such as:

  • Download, view, edit, open in kiosk mode, remove, lock

  • Forms Management Area

We will do a more in depth look at the Form Management Area in a separate tutorial but from here you can find and search for Forms for any client, appointment, service , provider, Form status, date range and more!

  • Email (Clients)

For clients, if Forms are sent to be completed before an appointment, they will receive an email with the Form(s) attached within the email.
By clicking on the "Fill the Form" button, they will be able to complete Forms prior to their appointment.

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