To learn about using the new Yocale Data Grid in Forms & Clients, follow the steps below:

Data Grid

Yocale's new data grid allows you to organize and customize the fields in which your client and forms data is held. In this data grid you can: 

  • Move columns around left & right

  • Remove columns from the grid

  • Sort data in the grid

  • Lock fields when scrolling left & right

To get a quick over view of using the data grid, check out our video below:

Along the top of the Grid are filtering chips which allows you to filter the data in the grid below.
The chips allow you to either de-select the forms you don't want to filter, de-select all and only select the form(s) you are filtering for, search for the form in the search field or select the date range from the calendar drop down.

Some of these chips include:

Form Name
This allows you to filter the grid based on the form name in which you are looking for.

Form Status
The form status filter can filter down the forms to show the forms who have a status of either - Pending, Draft, Completed or Locked

Last Updated Date
Select the date range of the forms you want to see which were last updated within a certain date range.

Last Updated By
Select the provider(s) in which you want to filter the data grid for who last updated the forms

Regarding to
Select the client(s) in which you want to refine the data grid for clients you want to see forms for

Appointment date
Select the appointment date range for which you want to filter the forms based on the clients appointment date.

Select the service(s) you want to filter the grid 

Filter the grid to narrow down the results based on the providers in the business

Clients Data Grid

The data grid in the clients section will appear in the Forms & Documents section of the client record and has the same functionality as within the Forms section of Yocale 

We are updating and rolling out the new data grid to other areas of Yocale so look for this cool new organizing and sorting system throughout the application!

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