How convenient would it be for a singular tool to provide useful capabilities within multiple sectors? We would guess extremely convenient, which is why we created "The Widget". 

In this article, we outline the capabilities of Google Analytics and its potent ability to track and report website traffic. So, how does it work and what does it cost? This service is 100% free, which is priceless to a small business with a limited marketing budget. 

Once the Yocale Widget is uploaded on your website, you can register for Google Analytics on Google. Once you receive your registration code, we will incorporate it within your widget. As you get bookings on your widget, Google analytics is tracking data and creating results, for you! It’s that simple.

Google Analytics has the ability to provide data on a comprehensive level, but for introductory purposes, we will highlight the essential features as outlined on the getleveltenblog:

  • Traffic Reporting:  In the capture below, you can verify the number of current users, new users, sessions, page views and more data about your website visitors to better understand customer demand. Utilizing this data, you can track trends and even apply them to your online marketing tactics:

  • Conversion Tracking: This feature tracks customer interaction with your ads -- whether they purchased a service, signed up for your magazine, or downloaded your platform. Primary, you would need to establish conversion points on your website, (such as a contact form submission or an online sale), to set them up for Google Analytics tracking: 

  • Keyword Referrals: A Small business is always intrigued by how their customers find them-- with the Keyword Referral feature there is no room for guessing games. You now have the power to see the keywords used by potential clients to find you, which can potently influence your SEO strategy.

  • Third Party Referrals: You can see if any websites promoted traffic to your online site. This data can be beneficial in creating content partnerships with third parties, which can strengthen your Google visibility.

  • Custom Dashboard: When you log into your website's profile, your dashboard is the first screen you see,- therefore it's vital to see the data most important to you. Google Analytics gives you the option to create somewhat custom dashboards for your analytics. Example, if website traffic and keyword referrals are most beneficial to your marketing needs, you can prioritize them on your dashboard. This video will assist for dashboard customization.

You see, with all its capabilities, Google Analytics is the most popular analytics option for your website, and so is the Widget.

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Happy *Smart* Marketing

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