The vision for the widget is simple: ease of use and enhanced usability. Envision the client experience using the Widget to book for services.

This innovative gadget (once incorporated within your website) provides a smooth booking experience for your clients while tracking consumer behaviour through Google Analytics exclusively for you.

Did you know? The booking widget is multilingual and can be translated to fit your target market! For more Widget enhancements, click the link.

But first, let's highlight its flawless features:

Find the Best Provider

The client has the ability to select multiple providers at once and apply filters based on reviews, gender, location and type of service provided . The option to search and view detailed informations is available in "Full View":

The business has the option to disable all filters if irrelevant, as well. 

Find the Earliest Availability, Pronto!
The client has the option to filter out times, dates and even type of provider you desire.   Customize the widget to fit your needs best.

The widget naturally displays the earliest appointment time for multiple providers from the drop down menu. All they have to do is pick the provider that suits their prerogative best: 

3. Multi Service Appointment
The flexibility to book multiple services at once with the same provider or pick and chose a provider for each service. The savvy booking tool will find the best available time {within your parameters} to accommodate multiple services subsequently.

4. Multi Location Capability
If you have more than one location, this will be ideal for you. Whether you are booking a service for your client or your client is doing so, the multi location allows:

  • Selecting a single or multiple locations depending on  proximity or service preference

  • Selecting the location most suitable by either earliest availability, preferred staff member, type of service offered, etc. 

  • View a map of locations

  • Receive booking confirmation and reminders for the appointment with location details

In this video, you can see how smoothly a business with multiple locations can display the different staff, services and availabilities that each location offers depending on the clients booking selection.

5. Available Spots
Once the service is chosen, the widget will display number of available slots for every day of the week:

6. Integration with Google Analytics in Real Time
As a business owner or service provider,  understanding the demand and behavior of clients can sometimes be overwhelming. With Google Analytics incorporated within the widget, you can now analyze consumer behavior and capitalize on services in high demand. Here you can learn all about the benefits of Google Analytics. A powerful and effective way to understand consumer demand and  behaviour! 

7. Easy Sign up and Return
When we said the widget is easy to use, we meant in all aspects. The system only requires the client's name and email as the initial sign up.

8. Special Requests
While the client is finalizing their appointment, they can add notes and special requests for the service provider to see in advance:

9. Effortless Cancellation/ Rescheduling
Within the same screen as above, choosing the "Change Appointment" option will allow the client to cancel and reschedule for another desired time. The following message will pop up and by choosing "Accept and Change" a new booking can be created:

10. Final Steps
Once the appointment is finalized, the icons on the confirmation page will allow the client to do the following: 

  • View the distance and duration between client and business

  • Print the appointment details

  • Add the appointment directly to your calendar 

Your clients are also able to book appointments on the widget using their mobile phones.

Eager to upload the widget onto your website? It's easy! Extract your own personal code by maneuvering to: Tools-> Business Tools -> Widget Settings and scroll to the bottom.  Here, you should see the code ready to be uploaded on your website! 

Our support video for adding the Widget to your website will assist you step by step.

Happy *Smart* Booking


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