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Welcome to Yocale. Read this first to better navigate the tools and reading materials that are available to you.

As you prepare to implement Yocale, consider following these important pre-planning steps.

Where do you start? This checklist includes virtually everything you need to do in order to get started on Yocale.

Yocale prides itself on giving you the best experience possible. Take a look at what working with us is like!

Dive into some of the nuts and bolts of how to write a great profile. Building your profile is the most important thing you can do for your listing on Yocale. Use these tips to get started.

How do you get people to book online? How do you encourage them to start using Yocale? We put together these useful tips on how to get people online and booking with you right from the start.

You are ready to start using Yocale! Now what? Keep this checklist handy all morning and throughout the day.

Run a Social Sharing promotion. Place this Social Sharing Poster anywhere that’s visible to remind everyone to share your Yocale Profile page with their friends.

Mix it up with another Social Sharing poster. Don’t forget to make it fun with a promotion to win a free service, gift card, or whatever makes sense for your business.

Keep the Signup Sheet handy. When you are too busy to add a client to Yocale, ask them to add their contact details to this sheet.

Did you know…? This informative infographic says it all: Patients want eBooking.

If you have TV screens, add one of these graphics to a looping PowerPoint slideshow. We have created a couple of options for different aspect ratios.

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