Follow the steps below to clear your cache for various browsers:


  • Navigate to the Safari preferences drop down
  • Select Manage Website Data
  • Select Remove All button - This will clear your browser cache and cookies 


  • On the top right hand side click on the 3 dot menu icon and select Settings
  • On the top left hand select the settings panel and enter the 
  • Near the bottom is the setting for Clear browsing data
  • Select what you want to be deleted (browsing history, cookies, and cached files)  And select Clear data 


  • Click on the top right hand side with the 3 bars and select the Options tab
  • Click the Advanced tab on the right side of the bar and select the Network sub-tab beneath. Click the button labeled Clear Now under the Cached Web Content section. When finished, click the OK button when finished.

Internet Explorer

  • On the top right hand side select Tools then Internet Options
  • Under the General Tab > browsing history > Delete


  • Under the Opera menu dropdown select Clear Browsing Data
  • This will re-direct you to option to select the time range you want to delete. When selected, click the Clear data button.


  • Select the menu button on the top right hand side
  • Select settings
  • Select Choose what to clear under Clear browsing data
  • Tick off the boxes next to Cookies and saved website data & Cached data and files
  • Select Clear

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