The Advanced Appointment Window is a New and Innovative Feature We've introduced to Yocale! In this article I will describe how useful it will be for your every day activities: 

  1. From your Calendar page, click on the "+" icon on the top right side of your Calendar and chose "New Appointment": 

2. Once in the Advanced Appointment Screen, you will see a list of Features including Booking Details, Forms, Notes, Notifications and Recurring

Booking Details: 

3. You can enter all booking details in this section including the Client Name, Service, Time and Date of their appointment.

To learn how to utilize the Booking Feature in more detail and create Multi Service Appointment, there is an article for that: 

Multi Services Appointment


This  feature allows you to attach any forms you would like for the client to receive prior to their appointment.  An example would be a Welcome Form for a New Client. 

An email would then go out to your client with the confirmation of their appointment and the Form to fill out: 

Please note: An intake form should've been previously created for it to appear here. If you have not created any forms,  you can start by choosing, "View and Fill Forms"  to create your first form: 

For more details about Form Templates, there is an article for that: 

Create Form Template 


You can utilize the note section however you see fit. You can enter information about your client, details about their next appointment, if they have an outstanding balance, showed up late or an allergy to a certain product: 


You can send out notifications, reminders and confirmations to you clients prior to and after their appointment. The Notification Tab will allow you to turn the notifications On or Off for this particular appointment you created: 

Please note:  you must enter an email or phone number in your clients profile in order for the notifications to be received. 

To set up Notifications in your settings, there is an Article for that: 

Set Reminders and Notifications for Appointments 


You can create Follow up and Recurring appointments within the advanced window as well. 

To find out how to set up consistent future appointments with just a couple clicks, there is an article for that: 

How to Book Recurring Appointments 

We hope you like the Advanced Appointment Features as much as we do! 

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