To book an appointment through the widget follow the steps below:

  1. Select the "book now" icon on the bottom corner of the web page

2. Select the service(s) you'd like to book. These services you've selected will display just a the continue button at the bottom of the widget. When completed press the "continue" button to proceed.

3. For multi-service bookings you can book up to 3 services

4. Select the provider you'd like to book with for the particular service(s) you've selected

5. The calendar will display the days available for the service(s) to be booked.

6. Once you've selected a date, select the available slots below to view the appointment details 

7. Select  "details" to view the information in regards to the multi services you are booking
8. If you'd like to book that particular booking, click on the "select" button to proceed

9. Now that you have selected the appointment(s) you can complete the booking process by entering in your email and logging in, or completing the simple sign up process.

10. Now that you're logged in, please review the information before completing the booking and select the "book my appointment" button at the bottom

11. If there is a pre-payment required, please complete this before proceeding to book the appointment.

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