How to subscribe to your Yocale calendar using Google calendar

This is necessary if you want to synchronize your Yocale calendar with android devices since these devices depend on Google calendar for this feature. To do so;

  • Get your Yocale Calendar subscription URL by selecting Tools > Provider Tools > External Calendar > Check off the box that says "Enable External Calendar Sync"
  • Copy this URL that appears below
  • Open your Google Calendar
  • On the left side of the page, next to “Other Calendars”, there is a small down arrow, click on that
  • Click on “Add by URL” option
  • Paste your calendar link into the appropriate box
  • Click on “Add Calendar”

Please note: It may take a few minutes for your iCal file to fully load in Google. As long as you do not see an error, it will be working. Also, Google calendar only checks Yocale for updates every 24-32 hours, so Yocale calendar changes may not sync to Google right away.

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