Tips on getting your photos on your Yocale profile

You know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. This also applies to pictures of your business and of yourself.

When Yocale members are browsing the site looking for a service, the first picture they will see of you is your profile photo, then, when they click on your booking / profile page, they will see the rest of the photos you uploaded (Other photos).

Needless to say, a good profile photo is your first impression for your potential client, so make sure it represents you and your business, and is friendly and welcoming.

If you are a business, then your profile photo would ideally be a good looking logo that you had professionally done. If you are an individual provider setting up your profile, then it normally best to have a photo of yourself so your clients can see who you are. Make sure the photo is good quality and that you look friendly and welcoming.

Now for the technical details:

Profile Photo/Staff Photo:

Yocale accepts a profile photo in either .PNG or .JPG format that is at least 300X300 pixels in size, but the file size cannot be more than 2 MB in size, this is important because the bigger the file, the longer it will take to load your profile and the slower your profile becomes, so have a good quality photo at a small size is ideal.

Sometimes your photo or logo will be designed to be rectangular and not square, and since Yocale requires the receipt and profile photos to be square, it become difficult for you to fit the photo into the cropping space. In cases like this, we recommend you use an external photo editing program to change the dimensions of the image to be square, meaning that you would have lots of white space around the logo. This will make it much easier for you to crop in Yocale.

Receipt Photo:

Yocale accepts a receipt photo in either .PNG or .JPG format that is at least 300X300 pixels in size, but the file size cannot be more than 2 MB in size, this photo will be sent in your confirmation emails to clients as well as your receipts.

Other Profile banner photos:

These photos revolve at the top of your booking page and you can use it to show off your services or business. For best results, use a photo with a ratio of 1:2.5 (H:W). For example, 1500X600 or 3000X1200 are all best results. Other dimensions will work too, depending on the user’s browser aspect ratio. Bear in mind that for these images Yocale needs a minimum of 1280 X 600 with a maximum size of 2MB.

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