Profile Page

To setup or edit your provider profile click on the email drop down menu > Manage > Profile 

To make any edits to the profile you can follow the fields explanation below:

  • First Name: The First Name and Last Name fields are automatically populated from the information you entered through the signup page.  When a Provider’s First and Last name fields are checked, their full name will appear in searches and on their public profile.
  • Last Name: See above.
  • Business Name: When this field is checked, the Business Name will appear in searches and on the public profile. It will display under the Provider’s name if the First Name/Last Name are also checked. When a Provider is invited by a Business and accepts their invitation to join, this field will populate with the Business’.  If this field is already populated with the Provider’s personal business location, it will not be over written but you may manually over ride it.
  • Service Providing Category: Select a profession from the dropdown, i.e., Massage Therapist, Doctor, Dentist, etc.
  • Designation: Specify your designation, i.e., RMT, R.N., CFP.
  • Gender: Indicate if you are Male, Female or Unspecified.
  • Public Phone: This is your business phone number, which does not appear on your Public Provider profile.
  • Registration Number: Type in your professional registration number.
  • Time Zone: The time zone will default to the time defined on your local PC or browser.
  • Public Profile URL: Your public profile URL is a critical part of your profile. When your clients enter this address into their browser they will be taken directly to your Profile page. We allow you to customize this URL to make it easier for you and your clients to remember, and to be picked up by Google in a search. In the first field, select your location. In the second field, if you are a Business, the system automatically populates this field with your Business Name. If you are a Provider, the system automatically populates this field with your First Name and Last Name.
  • Cell Phone: The cell phone has been automatically populated with the number you used to activate your account. It will not be publicly displayed in any profile or public pages. Click Change to change the mobile number associated with your account at any time.
  • Description: Include a detailed description of your business here. We have set the description to a minimum of 50 characters ensuring you have enough information on your profile. We have set a maximum of 4000 characters to keep profiles focused on the most important details.
  • Photos: This tab allows you to upload a variety of different photos for your profile and receipts, Profile and receipt photos must be 300 x 300 and no bigger than 1.5 MB, while other photos must be at least 1200X600. When you click on the photo tab, you will be navigated to the upload photo section. The first image you are able to upload is the profile photo, this is the picture that will display on your public profile, on the search and if you’re working for a business, on the staff list. The next image is receipt image; this image will be displayed on all your receipts for your clients. And lastly, Other Photos contain the images that will be displayed on your public profile area. You can upload up to 10 images in this section and they will be rotating near the header on your public profile page. Upload images such as pictures of your business, products and/or services.

Once you have completed your profile, click the Next button to proceed to the next step: setting up Locations.

Managing Locations

After you have set up your profile, your second step is to define and manage the locations where your services will be provided.

  • Location Name: The Location name is used in a search so when Yocale members are searching for Providers, you may want to use your neighborhood name.
  • Find My Location: Use the Location Finder to find your current business location and populate your business address. If the address is not your current location, then do not use this link, but start entering your address (without unit number) in the address field, then select from the closest match found in the list.
  • Address: When you start entering your address in this field, we will try to identify the location based on what you entered, start typing your street address in here without the unit number (put the unit number in the field below). If for any reason we cannot recognize what you entered, we will open a dialogue that asks you to pinpoint your location on the map (you can drag the pin around the map), and enter whatever you want for the address field.
  • On-Site visit: If you provide onsite and offsite visits, you need to create two separate locations. You can use onsite visit if you are visiting a client as opposed to the client visiting you. For example, you may have a Mobile Massage Service where you will be visiting a client at the location of their choice. In this instance, specify the distance in km/mi. The distance is how far you are willing to travel from your location.
  • Phone: This is the number used for your business. It will appear on your Business Profile as well as the business cards you can print from your Tools page.
  • Email: This is your business email address and will be used to notify you when appointments are booked/cancelled/rescheduled.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: If your location is wheelchair friendly check this box.  When this or the next two amenities are checked, this information will appear on your public profile, under the map.
  • Near Transit: If your location is in proximity to transit check this box.
  • Free Parking: If your location provides free parking, check this box.
  • Cancel: If at any time you wish to cancel out of this page without saving your changes, use the Cancel button.
  • Save: Click Save once you have provided all required location details
  • Edit Button: Once you have created a schedule based on this location, you cannot remove this location. You may edit the location details however, if appointments have been created against a location, the appointments must be marked completed first.
  • Delete Button: You may delete a location when there are no appointments associated but if appointments are created against the location follow the appropriate prompts to take you through the process.
  • +Add Location Button: If you provide services at different locations, you may add a new location at any time using this button.

Once your Location details have been completed you may proceed to the next step to setup your Services. Click Next to take you to the Providers Service Type page.

Managing Services

After you have defined your locations, your third step is to define the types of Services that you provide. If you are part of a business, you may already have a list of services defined by the Administrator; but you may still add additional Services even if you are part of a business.

  • Service Name: Enter the name of the Service as you would like clients to see it. Try to be as clear and as concise as possible bearing in mind that when clients search for a service on Yocale, we use this information for the Service name.
  • Price: Provide the corresponding price.  When clients book you online and view your services, they will see the price associated.   If the price of your service is free ie $0 the system will not display $0. It will just display the name of the service and the duration.
  • Duration (min): Provide the length of time required for the service.
  • Cleanup time (min): Consider this transition time between appointments. For example, if this visit is onsite, you may use this as travel time as opposed to clean up time.
  • Description: Enter any extra information about the service that would be useful for your clients.
  • Color: Choose a specific color to display that service in. The service will show up in that color when you’re viewing your appointments in the Calendar page.
  • Promote This Service: Use this option to allow Yocale to promote this service to members while booking appointments with other providers. If this field is read only, it means that your subscription level does not allow you to promote services or that you have reached the maximum number of services you can promote.
  • Scheduled Class: Check this box if the service is available as a scheduled class. For example, Yoga Class. If so, you may also define the number of participants by specifying the minimum and maximum number of registrants: Minimum Registrations and Maximum Registrations. Note that if registration meets the maximum number or registrants allowed, this specific class will no longer be visible for booking online.
  • Which Locations Offer This Service: You may define different locations for each Service type as well as a different price and duration.
  • Cancel Button: If you wish to cancel out of this screen without saving your changes, use the Cancel button.
  • Save Button: Once you have added all the details for your service, click Save.
  • Edit Button: You may edit the service details. If appointments have been created against them, they must be marked completed first.
  • Delete Button: You may delete a Service, where there are no appointments associated; but if appointments are created against that location follow the appropriate prompts to take you through the process.
  • +Add Service Button: Use this button to add as many services as needed for each location.

Once you have created all your Services you may click Next and proceed to the next step to build your Schedule.

Building and Managing Your Schedule

This is where you define your Availability for online booking for your service(s). It is very flexible and will allow you to create a schedule for almost any type of situation.

The default view displays in Week view although you may change this to Day or Month view depending on your preference. Use the left and right arrows to help you navigate through the week, month and day view. The Today button will quickly bring you right back to today’s date highlighted in yellow.

To start building your Schedule, double click in a time slot to open the New Schedule Pattern or click the “+New Schedule” button.

The next section allows you to refine your routine. If it is weekly, you may leave it as is. Most individuals have a weekly-based schedule. However, you have the flexibility to customize this by month.

  • Location: you can customize your work schedule specific to a location. When specifying the location, if the location selected does not have any Services defined, then when defining the Offering in the next field, you will not be able to select an Offering.
  • Offering: Choose a location where you want to be available at. If you work at multiple locations, you can generate a schedule for each location. Here you can choose to offer All Services, Some Services, or Scheduled Class. Note if your location is not set up to have scheduled classes, Scheduled Class will not be selectable.
  • Concurrent Appointments: Here, you may wish to specify if you are able to see multiple clients at the same time.
  • Start Date: You may define how far ahead you wish to customize your work schedule. Start by defining the Start Date.
  • Start Time: Specify when your work schedule starts.
  • End Time: Specify when your work schedule ends.
  • End Date: Your end date cannot be after your subscription end date. When you first sign up with Yocale, you will automatically receive 2 weeks of free subscription to try the system. You will be able to publish a schedule for 14 days starting from the signup date. Once you have added subscriptions, they will be reflected in this end date, For example the date your current subscription ends on. If you are part of a Business Profile, your subscription will follow the business subscription terms and you can generate a schedule for that business.
  • Weekly / Monthly: Referenced above.
  • Every > x Week(s): Referenced above.
  • On: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat (checkboxes): Select the days in your workweek.
  • Apply Button: Once you have populated your schedule details, click the Apply button to save your changes.
  • Cancel Button: If you wish to cancel out of this screen, use the Cancel button.

Once you have your work schedule defined, you may need to make changes. You can use the drag and drop feature to move an instance of the schedule around to change its time.

The second icon is the Remove Icon used to delete a schedule. Clicking on this will bring up the Delete Event form. You can choose to Delete This Instance or to delete only the Selected Availability time slot. Or you can choose Delete Entire Series to delete this entire series of availability time slots. You can use the Cancel button to close the form if you do not wish to proceed with the deletion. Once you have created your work schedule you can start booking appointments.

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