Setting up Your Business Profile

The first step is to complete your Business Profile page.

  • Business Name: Provide your business name. Your business name is what people will see when searching for your profile.
  • Find Your Location: Use the Location Finder to find your current business location and populate your business address. If the address is not your current location, then do not use this link, but start entering your address (without unit number) in the address field, then select from the closest match found in the list.
  • Address: When you start entering your address in this field, we will try to identify the location based on what you entered, start typing your street address in here without the unit number (put the unit number in the field below). If for any reason we cannot recognize what you entered, we will open a dialogue that asks you to pinpoint your location on the map (you can drag the pin around the map), and enter whatever you want for the address field.
  • Cell Phone: Your cell phone is already populated with the number you used to activate your account. Click Change at any time to change the mobile number associated with your account. It will not be publicly displayed in any profile or public pages. To change your cell number, click on the “Change” link above the number, you will be prompted to enter a validation code once more.
  • Public Phone: This is the number used for your business and it will appear on your business profile. You may modify this if you need to.
  • Time Zone: The time zone will default to the time defined on your local PC or browser.
  • Public Profile URL: Your public profile URL is a critical part of your profile. When your clients enter this address into their browser they will be taken directly to your Business Profile page. We allow you to customize this URL to make it easier for you and your clients to remember, and to be picked up by Google in search. In the first field, select your location. In the second field, add the name of your business.
  • Description: Include a detailed description of your business here. We have set the description to a minimum of 50 characters to ensure you have enough useful information on your profile. We have set a maximum of 4000 characters to keep profiles focused on the most important details.
  • Business Hours: Specify your hours of operation for your clients to see.
  • Photos: This tab allows you to upload a variety of different photos for your profile and receipts, Profile and receipt photos must be 300 x 300 and no bigger than 1.5 MB, while other photos must be at least 1200X600. When you click on the photo tab, you will be navigated to the upload photo section. The first image you are able to upload is the profile photo, this is the picture that will display on your public profile, on the search and if you’re working for a business, on the staff list. The next image is receipt image; this image will be displayed on all your receipts for your clients. And lastly, Other Photos contain the images that will be displayed on your public profile area. You can upload up to 10 images in this section and they will be rotating near the header on your public profile page. Upload images such as pictures of your business, products and/or services.

Setting Up Your Services

The second step to setting up as a business is to define the services your business will offer.

  • Service Name: Enter the service name.
  • Price: Provide the corresponding price.  When clients book you online and view your services, they will see the price associated. Some services may be free such as an initial consultation.  If the price of your service is free ie $0 the system will not display $0.  It will just display the name of the service and the duration.
  • Duration (min): Add the length of time required for the service.
  • Transition Time (min): Consider this transition time between appointments. For example, if this visit is onsite, you may use this as travel time as opposed to clean up time. Specifying a transition time helps Yocale calculate your next availability
  • Color: Select a color to display the background color of this service on your Calendar.
  • Promote this Service: Use this option to allow Yocale to promote this service to members while booking appointments with other providers. If this field is read only, it means that your subscription level does not allow you to promote services or that you have reached the maximum number of services you can promote.
  • Scheduled Class: Check this box if the service is available as a scheduled class. For example, Yoga Class. If so, you may also define the number of participants by specifying the minimum and maximum number of registrants: Minimum Registrations and Maximum Registrations.
  • Which Locations Offer This Service: When the business has set up a location, this box is automatically checked to reflect the business. It’s greyed out and can only be edited by the business.
  • Delete Button: You may delete a service. Note you cannot delete the first service type because the page requires at least one service to be saved to continue to the next step. You may edit the service if needed. Also note that when deleting a service, if appointment(s) are created against the service, the appointment(s) attached must be deleted first before you can delete the service. If appointments are created against that location follow the appropriate prompts to take you through the process.
  • +Add Service Button: You may add additional services using the +Add Service Button. If a business owner adds an additional service, this service will automatically be added to any Provider who is associated with the business and also made available to the business location.
  • Edit Button: Use this button to make changes when needed.
  • Cancel: If you wish to cancel your details without saving and start all over, use the cancel button.
  • Save Button: Once you have defined your service details, save the information.

Once you have defined your first service, you need to hit save in order to continue on to the next step. When your services have all been entered, click Next to proceed to add your individual Providers and Administrators.

Inviting Providers

As a business owner, you may add a Provider to join your business from the Peoples Page.  Business owners may have many different individuals working for them. For example, there may be many individual massage therapists working in a massage clinic. These individuals are referred to as Providers.

The business owner is listed at the top of the page. When the business owner first sets up their profile, the only item listed at the top of the page is the business owner information. This information cannot be removed and edited from here, but can be updated from the Profile page.

To invite a Provider to join your business, click on the +Add Provider Button.  In the Add Provider form, enter the provider’s email address.  Then click Invite.  The system will check if this person already uses Yocale (maybe as part of another business or on their own), if they do, then they will have to accept your invite, if not, then you can edit their profile right away.

At the top of this page, you will see a message displayed indicating whether the provider already uses Yocale or is new, and that they were added successfully. The provider appears below the business owner, displaying the Provider’s picture, name, and the status.

If the invited provider is already a user of Yocale, then they will need to accept your invite (See accepting the invite below) and allow you to edit their profile before you can do so.

If the invited provider is not an existing Yocale user, you will be able edit their profile right away by clicking the Edit Profile button.

Edit Profile button: When enabled, it allows the business owner and administrator to access the Provider’s profile and manage it on their behalf.  Note that the permissions need to be granted by the Provider from their preferences setting (“Allow businesses that I work for to manage my profile

Remove Button: You may remove a Provider from the business any time using the Remove button provided there are no appointments attached. If there are any appointments attached, follow the appropriate prompts to take you through the process.

Add Provider Button: You can keep adding as many providers as your license allows. The number of providers you can add is listed at the top of your subscription.

I am also a Provider: You can also use your current Business account as a Provider. This link will take you through the process. Once you have completed the steps, you will be able to edit your Provider profile by clicking the “Edit Profile” button which will take you to your Provider profile. For further information please refer to the section “Change Account Type => Business Owner is also a Provider”

Inviting Providers

Once a Business has invited a Provider to join Yocale, the Provider will receive an email invitation. Login to your email client to view the invitation and follow the process to accept it.

If you are already registered with Yocale, then click the appropriate link in the email to accept the invitation. You will be prompted to login to Yocale.

At this point you will notice that the Business Location is now displayed in your list of Locations page. The Business services are also added to the list of Services Page.

Inviting Administrators

In addition to inviting Providers, a business owner can also invite Administrators to use Yocale. Administrators are the users who will manage the calendar for the business. For example, they can view, book and manage appointments on behalf of the Providers, and especially for the clients who do not have online access.

To add administrators follow the same process as adding Providers. To add an Administrator to your business, from the Provider’s page, click on the +Add Administrator button on the upper right hand corner.

In the resulting Add Administrator form, enter the administrator’s email address. Then click the Invite button. At the top of this page you will see a message displayed indicating: Administrator Added Successfully. Notice that the Administrator has been added to the bottom of the page, just below the Provider. Displayed is the administrator’s email address and the status Invited – Not yet registered.

After you click the Invite button, the Administrator must receive and accept an email invitation from you in order to become part of your Business. The process for an Administrator to accept an invitation follows the same process as for the Provider.

Remove Button: You may remove an Administrator from the business any time using the Remove button.

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