The common reason for not finding your provider on Yocale is that your locale is not set correctly on your browser. The search needs to know where you are.

  • When searching, Yocale needs to know where you are to provide you with results of nearby businesses and providers.

  • If we successfully detect your location, we will show it near the search entry box, e.g. Vancouver, BC. And, we will retrieve results within 25 kms/miles from your detected location. You will be able to extend that range on the search results page.

  • In some instances, based on your browser and operating system’s security settings, we may not be able to detect your locale. In this case, you will see “Where are you?”next to the search bar. Select the nearest city from the list or click on Other Locale to choose a location from the map.

If your locale is set correctly and still you get no results in your search or the wrong results, try to narrow your search to single identifying words instead of the full name of the provider you are searching for. For example, try entering “John” instead of “John Smith” which will return anyone with “John” in the name.

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