In order to transfer all of your Schedulicity clients and appointments into Yocale and prepare for a complete transition, there are a few steps you need to have in place in order to not confuse your clients (with multiple appointment confirmations) or miss any appointments in the process.

  1. Select a Go-Live date for your Yocale account.
  2. Start only adding new bookings to your calendar in Yocale.
  3. To import your clients into Yocale, you must first download your Client List from Schedulicity.  You can upload your client list, following these instructions here.
  4. Ensure your Yocale Schedule is completely accurate as of your Go Live Date.
  5. Send an email to all your clients to notify them of your transition from Schedulicity, and into Yocale for all appointments. (We can  help you write the email!)
  6.  Do not add any new appointments or change any appointments in Schedulicity after Go Live date (you can print a report of this in Schedulicity to make sure no changes have been made).
  7. Remove all future appointments in Schedulicity so that clients don’t get reminders for them or try to re-schedule them.
  8.  Add a direct link to your Yocale page to your main profile page of Schedulicity to send traffic to your Yocale online booking page. (You can’t Hide your page, just remove all availability and redirect visitors to your new page on Yocale).
  9.  All your Staff will need to be trained on how to view schedule & close appointments as quickly as possible.
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