To set up your Schedule to have only some of your services be booked online follow the steps below:

  • On the Business Calendar, make sure you are on Team View and select the provider you want to set the schedule for.¬†
  • If you are creating a new schedule then select + New Schedule
  • If you are editing an existing schedule then select a time block on the schedule then the edit icon on the left hand side of the schedule > Select¬†
  • If editing an existing schedule then once selecting the edit icon > select Edit Entire Series - This will make all of the edits applied to your whole future schedule
  • In the schedule pattern > In step 2 select Some Services from the drop down menu
  • De-Select the services that you do not want to be booked online leaving only the services ticked that you want to make available for online booking
  • Select the Time Range and Date Range and select Create Schedule

That's everything you need to know to set your Yocale Schedule to only have some of your services booked online.

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