Yocale allows you to completely customize your schedule with multiple providers, classes, as well as concurrent appointments and more.

1. Creating and Customizing Classes To Suit Your Individual Business

a. Find and select Service/Classes under your email drop down menu.

b. Select +Add Service.

c. Similar to setting up services, enter the class Name, Price, Duration, Transition Time, Description of the class, and select a Color, choose whether to Promote This Service or Hide This Service. 

d. Tip: Classes can be scheduled  for the full duration or simply for a check-in/drop-off window eg. 15 minutes. By setting the time of your class to eg. 15 minutes, you can then free up your availability for another class starting soon after. 

e. Select Scheduled Class to mark this as a class, and not a service. 

f. Enter the Minimum & Maximum Registrants you would like to allow to register for the class. 

g. Save!

2. Adding Classes To Your Business Schedule 

a. Add class to schedule by selecting +New Schedule.

b. Choose Offering by selecting the scheduled class from the drop down menu. 

c. Choose Class. Choose the class you would like to offer for booking. 

d. Select the Start & End Time in which you would like to offer the scheduled class. 

e.  Choose Recurrence & Days of the week you would like to offer this class. 

f. Create Schedule! Your classes have now been added. 

Don't Want Scheduled Classes To Interfere With Your Businesses Regular Availability? 

Tip: You can create a new provider profile if you would like to keep classes separate from your regular availability. Under your new provider profile you can then add a schedule with availability for your class(es).

3. Creating Multiple Provider Profiles & Availability

You can expand your businesses availability by adding multiple providers with individual schedules or adding new providers to accept individual services such as classes. Follow these easy steps to quickly change staff schedules.

a. From your Email pulldown select Manage > People

b. Underneath the list of your existing providers you will find a +Add Staff button, click here.

c. You will then be prompted to enter a first name, last name and email address. This email must be different than any other provider or administrator. Tip: If you wish to keep the providers identity hidden, you can creatively name your provider eg. Dog Walker or Yoga Instructor. 

Once you have signed up as Provider, upon login, you will be taken to the Profile page. The first step is to set up your Profile details.

  • First Name: The First Name and Last Name fields are automatically populated from the information you entered through the signup page.  When a Provider’s First and Last name fields are checked, their full name will appear in searches and on their public profile.
  • Last Name: See above.
  • Business Name: When this field is checked, the Business Name will appear in searches and on the public profile. It will display under the Provider’s name if the First Name/Last Name are also checked. When a Provider is invited by a Business and accepts their invitation to join, this field will populate with the Business’.  If this field is already populated with the Provider’s personal business location, it will not be over written but you may manually over ride it.
  • Service Providing Category: Select a profession from the dropdown, i.e., Massage Therapist, Doctor, Dentist, etc.
  • Designation: Specify your designation, i.e., RMT, R.N., CFP.
  • Gender: Indicate if you are Male, Female or Unspecified.
  • Public Phone: This is your business phone number, which does not appear on your Public Provider profile.
  • Registration Number: Type in your professional registration number.
  • Time zone: The time zone will default to the time defined on your local PC or browser.
  • Public Profile URL: Your public profile URL is a critical part of your profile. When your clients enter this address into their browser they will be taken directly to your Profile page. We allow you to customize this URL to make it easier for you and your clients to remember, and to be picked up by Google in a search. In the first field, select your location. In the second field, if you are a Business, the system automatically populates this field with your Business Name. If you are a Provider, the system automatically populates this field with your First Name and Last Name.
  • Cell phone: The cell phone has been automatically populated with the number you used to activate your account. It will not be publicly displayed in any profile or public pages. Click Change to change the mobile number associated with your account at any time.
  • Description: Include a detailed description of your business here. We have set the description to a minimum of 50 characters ensuring you have enough information on your profile. We have set a maximum of 4000 characters to keep profiles focused on the most important details.
  • Photos: This tab allows you to upload a variety of different photos for your profile and receipts, Profile and receipt photos must be 300 x 300 and no bigger than 1.5 MB, while other photos must be at least 1200X600. When you click on the photo tab, you will be navigated to the upload photo section. The first image you are able to upload is the profile photo, this is the picture that will display on your public profile, on the search and if you’re working for a business, on the staff list. The next image is receipt image; this image will be displayed on all your receipts for your clients. And lastly, Other Photos contain the images that will be displayed on your public profile area. You can upload up to 10 images in this section and they will be rotating near the header on your public profile page. Upload images such as pictures of your business, products and/or services.

Now go ahead and set your schedule and start taking appointments!

a. From your calendar pulldown, select Business Calendar.
b. Be sure to select the Staff member you would like to edit. Your staff are listed off to the right hand side of your calendar.
c. Next, select Manage Schedule. 

d. Click on the block of time you would like to edit, then select the Edit Schedule icon.

e. You can chose to Edit Entire Series or Edit This Instance. 

f. Edit your Start & End Time as well as Recurrence. Don't forget to save your changes be selecting Create Schedule. 

You're new schedule is all set-up!

4. Concurrent Appointments 

Does your business take multiple appointments at one time? You can ensure you are accepting appointments to your full capacity with our Concurrent Appointments option. 

Follow these steps to change the number of appointments you would like to accept at one time:

a. Select Business Calendar > Manage Schedule
b. Chose 'Edit Entire Series'
c. Beside your Services, you will see the Concurrent option.
d. Use the arrow to select the number of appointments you would like to accept at the same time.
e. Go ahead and click 'Create Schedule' to save your changes. 

5. Stagger Check-in/Drop Off Times

Are you an auto business, dog groomer or business that takes clients throughout the day for extended periods of time? Keep reading to learn how to stagger client check-in times and keep your availability open.

You can set the length of time for your all day services to simply include the drop/off or check/in time. By doing this, you will be able to accept your next client right away.

a. From your email pulldown select Manage > Services/Products
b. Select the Service you would like to edit
c. Within the service edit the Duration from the entire length of service to a shorter length of time for drop/off or check-in eg. 15 minutes. 

Note: You can also add concurrent bookings in oder to accept several clients at once! 

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