Exporting your Customers from Genbook

So coming from Genbook, we’ll need you to upload your Customer List export from the “Customers” tab with as much detail as possible.

The export button is at the top right of the page and will produce a .csv document, which is perfect for Yocale to import. 

General instructions can be found on Genbook’s support page here.

If you are working in Safari there is a different process needed which you can read about in Genbook’s help document here.

You will end up with an exported Excel document with all of your Customers. 

Exporting your Genbook Appointments

Unfortunately Genbook does not currently offer a batch export of appointments from their system. This means that transitioning over your bookings can be a bit of a manual process. 

We recommend that you let us import your full customer/client list first, and then you dedicate a day or a weekend to moving over all your appointments manually before going live with Yocale - people often choose to schedule their imports over a weekend so that there is some down time in which to move the appointments over. 

Often people will only move over future appointments just because of the time required. 

Genbook Billing Data

We don’t import billing information into Yocale due to the complex nature and different ways of storing financial information.

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