1. From your Clients tab go ahead and click Business Clients.

2. Within your client list you can search using a name or phone number. You also have the capability to +Add & Merge Clients here.

3. Within your client profile:

  • View Name 
  • Contact Information
  • Set Text Message Reminders
  • DOB & Gender
  • Address
  • Additional Comments
  • Add Client Alerts
  • Block Client
  • Upload Documents & View Existing Documents
  • Fill Out Forms or View Existing Forms 
  • Email Appointment List
  • Print Client History
  • Add Dependants

4. By scrolling down a client's profile you have access to even more information such as:

  • Total Appointments
  • Total Paid
  • Total Outstanding
  • Notes
  • Cancelled Appointments
  • Rescheduled Appointments
  • Late Appointments
  • No Shows
  • Client Since
  • Last Appointment
  • Next Appointment

This can all be viewed at a glance, or clicked to view further details. Eg. By clicking Total Appointments you will be able to view all past, previous and upcoming appointments. This includes every detail such as date, time, service, provider, price and appointment status. 

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