Adding clients is simple, and can be done in 2 different ways.

The First option is to add a new client at the time of booking their appointment. The second way is to directly add new clients to your client list.

First, we will add a client at the time of booking.

  1. Select your Business Calendar from the Calendar pulldown menu.
  2. Click on the Staff that you would like to book an appointment for.
  3. Select +New Booking

4. Within the appointment window, go ahead and select the Service, 

 Notification, Date, Time, and Repeat.

5. Next, enter the client name & information by selecting Add New Client. Go ahead and enter the client details. Note: you must add either a phone number, email or both.


Success, your new client will be saved along with their appointment!

The second way to add clients is directly from your Client pull down menu. 

  1. Select Business Clients from your Clients pull down menu. Once within your clients page, go ahead and select +Add Client

2. Enter your client details and Save changes. Note: you will need to enter either a phone number, email or both. 

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