You can watch this tutorial to close appointments  or follow along with the steps below:

1. Click on the appointment in your calendar and select the Close Appointment icon. 

You will be now be prompted to add details about the appointment.

2. Go ahead and select Done or No Show.

3. Select if your client Arrived Late, or if you would like to Follow-Up with your client post appointment.

4.  Yocale allows you to add Products, Memberships, Packages, Gift Card or Additional services to your appointment from the Products menu at the top

5. Go ahead and edit your service Cost enable or disable your taxes or add Tip

6. You can add a discount, either a $ amount or a % amount.

7.  You can then add notes which will be saved to your clients profile. 

8. If you have Deals you want to add to your customer's purchase add it to the Available Deals drop down

8. Select Preview Invoice to enter the invoice and payment method. 

9. Don't forget to Save!

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